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It is said that once Wulfrik has decided upon his next quarry, it is impossible to escape — such is his dutiful willingness to provide the murderous offerings due to the nefarious Dark Gods. Click here to add a strategy! Wulfrik is one of the best duelists in the game. He is extremely strong against other heroes and lords in one-on-one combat.

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Use him accordingly. Take note of how Wulfrik's stats change when switching from no mount to the War Mammoth mount.

Civilian Reader: “Wulfrik”, by C.L. Werner (Black Library)

The extra mobility that a mount provides may pay off against equally mobile enemy factions, such as Wood Elves, but against low-tier human units without cavalry, the extra melee attack and damage Wulfrik gains from being mountless may be the better choice. Sign In. Jump to: navigation , search. This article or section is a stub. This article is a stub. Norscan units. Categories : Stubs Norsca units Norsca legendary lords. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion.

Views View Edit Edit source History. This page was last edited on 30 May , at Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. All rights reserved. This site is a part of Wikia, Inc. Support Contact PRO. Legendary Lord. If he fails ergo,dies Well, Slaanesh gets to decide what happens then.

He learns from a friend that there is a certain powerful magical ship that can transport anyone anywhere in an instant or close enough. While searching for the ship, Wulfrik discovered that it was held by the Skaeling witch Baga Yar in a mighty stronghold. Wulfrik uses pretty much all of his life savings buying an army to lay siege to this fucking thing, and after he finally manages to get inside, he hacks the witch to pieces out of sheer spite. With ship, sword,and blood hungry crew, Wulfrik sets out in his journey of slaughtering anything with red blood or a pulse.

Seriously,Giants, abominations, undead beasts, famous champions and noble heroes.

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At some point during his adventure, Wulfrik meets Zarnath, a Kurgan shaman. Wulfrik did just that, killing a bull lord and battling the chaos stuntis' foul machinery it was a chaos dwarf lord armed with power armor and flamethrower, but Wulfrik managed to burn him alive with his own weapon like the fucking beast he is. He gets the artifact at the cost of his dear friend Sigvatr, one of the few people he actually cared about in this war torn world. Oh and Zarnath died there as well more on that later on.

The death of the shaman meant he could no longer freed from curse and it upsets Wulfrik. Viglundr decides then that the red haired badass must take a snowy dirt nap if his dreams of power and prestige are to have any chance of coming true. As soon as Wulfrik and Co. Note that the champion was a famous Aeslings hero known throughout the Norsca. Thanks to his own huge balls of titanium , Wulfrik beat the champion to sludge in a battle even with the champion's transformation midway into the battle, Wulfrik fought savagery and pound the abomination down below the spike-filled arena pit , thus earning the respect of several hundred warriors and increasing the size of his horde significantly.

Having had their plan fail like a typical Saturday morning Cartoon Villian , Viglundr decided to have Sveinbjorn bribe one of Wulfrik's men, Broendulf, into betraying him. Oh and Zarnath turns out alive more on that later this time around and told Wulfrik and his gang to go to Ulthuan also known as Alfheim in Norscan, nice Norse myth reference there Gee-dubs in order to obtain the cure for Wulfrik's curse gift by having the magic of that place absorbed into the artefact he got before.

Turns out, Zarnath is a treacherous asshole who had been plotting wulfriks demise from the beginning and the quest to obtain chaos dwarves' artefact is but a excuse to get Wulfrik killed. The sorcerer fooled Wulfrik and his merry band of savages into killing a group of elven maidens praying at a shrine, telling them that they were vile witches preparing to unleash havoc on the norscans with foul elven magic. Turns out, they were the wives of elven nobles, praying for fertility and healthy babies if they were already pregnant oh boy Khorne's gonna be pissed, slaughter of the weak? Zarnath then revealed his true nature, presumably twirling a cartoonish mustache, before disappearing into a cloud of smoke, alerting nearly every warrior on the bloody continent of Ulthuan in the doing of it.

The Elves and Wulfrik's gang then had a massive battle that caused Khorne to violently ejaculate molten brass all over the place Slaanesh was indeed pleased, before you ask. The battle ended up destroying the Seafang, Wulfriks kickass magic Viking boat, leaving only the figurehead which was,conveniently,the only part that mattered as it held all the magic in it. Wulfrik and Broendulf who were the only survivors escaped using just Seafang's figurehead, strapped to the front of an elven galley.

While trespassing the warp in a similar fashion related to 40k, Broendulf confessed to Wulfrik about Viglundr's plotting against him as well as his part of the plan. Hilariously, the reason for Broendulf's betrayal is so he could have the princess himself since Sveinbjorn himself claimed to have erectile dysfunction and he was not interested in the princess a bit.


Total War: Warhammer – Norsca Faction Guide

The statement was later rebuked by Wulfrik by saying that the sons of their nearby tribe's chieftian were all actually Sveinbjorn's bastard sons. Yet, Broendulf was unable to turn upon one who saved his life so many times during the battle. Despite his part in the treachery, Wulfrik partnered up with Broendulf, with Broendulf vowing to remain by Wulfrik's side until their enemies had been dealt with. The gang later found themselves in Reikland, near the Empire city of Wisborg, and discovered while there that Zarnath was no shaman, but a wizard of the colleges of magic and most probably a heretic named Ludwig Stossel of the Celestial Order and the occasional fake deaths early on was but his magic trick.

Planning to exact his vengeance on this traitorous imperial dog, Wulfrik traveled back to Norsca and his clan to muster himself up a massive army. To do that, he went for the higher-ups also known as Viglundr and Sveinbjorn.

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Wulfrik did just that, abandoning his desire for power and embracing his new role as the Gods Executioner. He then repaired the Seafang with wood from an ancient troll tree rooted in the Norscan tundra most likely a chaotic brother to the oak of ages and prepared his troops to attack the Empire city.

He tried to prevent it by killing Wulfrik early on but failed. Regardless, due to his terminal lack of Steel Fucking Balls. In addition, Wulfrik killed a powerful warrior priest, the baron of Wisborg, the baron's wife, and then ordered the entire city stripped of its valuables Norscan style translation:they looted and pillaged the FUCK out of it and maybe raised a few idols of their dark gods and all. Wulfrik even blackmailed Sveinbjorn by having his armies long ship flying Sveinbjorn's flag, damning his honor for eternity.

Also, Zarnath, being the treacherous old crow he is, is subjugated to one of the most torturous deaths imaginable The "Blood Ravens" does not refer to the thieving space marine chapter , but a popular Khornate sacrifice ritual as well as a reference to the similar named real life viking sacrificial ritual done only by the Norsii.

After that, Wulfrik returned to Norsca. He killed Sveinbjorn along the way, shoving a handful of venomous snakes down the traitorous bastards throat before lopping off his head and bringing it back to Viglundr.

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Their Chief dead and the hope of peace destroyed, Viglundr could only sit there in his throne and weep softly as Wulfrik turned and left the hall of the Sarls, knowing as he did that, though Wulfrik never raised his sword, he had killed the entire tribe. Thus, with his tribe gone, his enemies slain and his unfaithful lover screaming in the hands of the gods, Wulfrik set out on his quest once more, embracing his destiny as the Wanderer. Wulfrik realized that his curse was more of a blessing then he gave it credit for, a true gift from the gods. Without the power of the Seafang, he could not have appeased the gods by collecting the skulls and hearts of their enemies.

Without his fame as the Worldwalker, he could not have gained the loyalty of his men, and Without the lies of Zarnath, Viglundr, and Sveinbjorn, the pieces would never have come together. The Gods had ultimately helped him exact vengeance and gain glory, if in a really dickish and convoluted way.

Wulfrik then offer Slaanesh a string of gold hair from his former lover, symbolized the end of his old life. With his faith restored and his forces replenished, he would serve them for all eternity as their huntsman.

Wulfrik (Warhammer Heroes) Wulfrik (Warhammer Heroes)
Wulfrik (Warhammer Heroes) Wulfrik (Warhammer Heroes)
Wulfrik (Warhammer Heroes) Wulfrik (Warhammer Heroes)
Wulfrik (Warhammer Heroes) Wulfrik (Warhammer Heroes)
Wulfrik (Warhammer Heroes) Wulfrik (Warhammer Heroes)
Wulfrik (Warhammer Heroes) Wulfrik (Warhammer Heroes)
Wulfrik (Warhammer Heroes) Wulfrik (Warhammer Heroes)

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