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  3. 1. Lyndon B. Johnson nicknamed his genitals “Jumbo”.
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And did Woodrow Wilson have a secret stroke while in office? While some secrets have gone to the grave with these mighty men, others have come to light of late, reigniting the debate over whether public interest is helped or hindered by the outing of a sick president.

2. James Buchanan may have been gay

Back in , there was no such debate. Cleveland was an interesting president, a Democrat known both for his integrity and strength as well as his stubborn, and sometimes impulsive, nature. He holds the distinction of being the only commander-in-chief of the United States to be elected to office for two non-consecutive terms, from to and to , making him both the 22nd and the 24th President. His father was a Presbyterian minister and he instilled strong values into his fun-loving and sociable, but also highly intelligent, son.

Cleveland eventually decided to become a lawyer and began to practice in Buffalo in Blaine, widely believed to be corrupt and immoral. In his first big scandal, Cleveland became the one and only president so far to hold a White House wedding for himself when he married Frances Folsom in June of — somewhat of surprise since the girl was only 21 years old Despite naysayers, they had a happy marriage and five children together their firstborn, dubbed Baby Ruth, inspired the name of the candy bar.

Politically, Cleveland listened to his conscience, reforming government, reducing its size and using his veto power liberally to uphold public interests. Always a portly sort, his weight was ballooning to over pounds kilograms.

The Use and Abuse of Hidden Power

He loved to eat, drink beer and especially smoke, and was rarely seen without his beloved cigars and pipes. It would be these unhealthy habits that would soon come back to haunt him. Less on tactics, etc This book looked interesting so I took a chance on it. I found it to be very interesting right from the start, and it kept my attention all the way through. If you have ever been interested in a behind the scenes look at past presidencies, and a look inside the Secret Service, this book is for you.

I was surprised at how rude and ill mannered some of our president's have been. This book will open your eyes to what politicians do when they are out of the public eye. It also goes into detail about what the Secret Service does and how it was formed, and how it has adapted over the years. You will not be disappointed with this book! I found this book fascinating to learn of just some of the policies, procedures and actions of Secret Service staff. The book is writing in third person after interviews with retired or past Secret Service agents. The idiosyncrasies of the first families are enjoyable, some confirming my thoughts and others very surprising.

The work of this service of pretty amazing and awe inducing. In this amazing eye-opener we learn some shocking, but not really surprising, information about our president's and their families. I say not surprising because looking back I recall hearing that some president's were less than what they seemed in public. It appears that Secret Service agents disliked Jimmy Carter more than any other president.

In the President's Secret Service by Ronald Kessler | Penguin Random House Canada

Carter was lazy, rude and shallow. Kessler relates the story of President Carter carrying his own suitcase, which I recall seeing, as being a show; the suitcase was always empty. Apparently Carter was quiet nasty to the agents protecting him. Lyndon Johnson seems to had had sex with any woman who crossed his path. He was also drunk most of the time. The agents adored Ronald and Nancy Reagan, saying they were genuinely good people who also cared about the agents and their families.

The same was true of George H. Bush and GW, each had reputations for kindness.

The President's Secret Intelligence

George W. Bush was know to be nothing like he appeared on TV, apparently he was very, very funny and polite. Clinton was liked, but not loved. Slick Willie was known as being laid back. All in all this book is a real eye-opener and Americans would benefit from knowing just what kind of people they elect to hold the job. He combines historical research with investigative reporting to the advantage of readers. He reports how agents live and work while doing their jobs. More importantly, he give insight into how each President and First Family interacted with their agents. Marilyn Monroe shows up with JFK.

Finally, Kessler comments on the current status of the Secret Service, Human Resources problems, and the high turnover in the force. Readers who have not approached this genre will find it most engaging. The reading of Alan Sklar is excellent. So much one had no idea about the people we elect to govern our country and how they are when not in the spotlight.

Seems as if some of the elected presidents were less than than their public images portrayed them. This book was ok. It went pretty much of what I thought it might. The author tells you alot of what the Secret Service Staff go though and are required to endure. This one surprised me. I thought it would be boring,but I actually learned some things I would have never believed about the Secret Service. I enjoyed the little tid bits about the various presidents and the very human way this job was explained. You will be our President? I am rooting hard for you!? But the more times I read the letter, I quickly realized that what Bush had sent me was the greatest secret of the US Presidency.

And it was also the greatest aspect of the US Presidency: that no matter how famous they get … no matter how much of a pedestal or ditch we put them on or in, we are led by true, real people. We get to pick them.

We get to vote for them. Click below to see a full in-depth interview with him talking about his other books, writing in general, and why he always hates his author photos. Who is Nola Brown? Nola is a mystery. Nola is trouble.

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And Nola is supposed to be dead. And the good news was: he actually gave me an answer. My response was thoughtful and concise. I emailed the President of the United States. But the more I combed through it, all I kept finding was this: January 20, Dear Bill, When I walked into this office just now I felt the same sense of wonder and respect that I felt four years ago.

I wish you great happiness here. I never felt the loneliness some Presidents have described. There will be very tough times, made even more difficult by criticism you may not think is fair. You will be our President when you read this note.

The Presidents Secrets!!! The Presidents Secrets!!!
The Presidents Secrets!!! The Presidents Secrets!!!
The Presidents Secrets!!! The Presidents Secrets!!!
The Presidents Secrets!!! The Presidents Secrets!!!
The Presidents Secrets!!! The Presidents Secrets!!!
The Presidents Secrets!!! The Presidents Secrets!!!
The Presidents Secrets!!! The Presidents Secrets!!!
The Presidents Secrets!!! The Presidents Secrets!!!
The Presidents Secrets!!!

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