Stars and Planets (DK Eyewitness Workbooks)

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DK produces content for… More about DK. Hardcover —. Add to Cart. Also in DK Eyewitness. Also by DK. Product Details. Inspired by Your Browsing History. A World of Discovery.

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Richard Platt. Chasing Augustus. Kimberly Newton Fusco. Amber Brown is Green with Envy. Paula Danziger. The Most Important Thing. Matthew Landis. Georgia Bragg. Max Brallier and Douglas Holgate. The Beloved World of Sonia Sotomayor. Sonia Sotomayor. Saving Fable. Scott Reintgen. The Collected Works of Gretchen Oyster. Katie Cook and Ted Anderson. Katy Keene. Archie Superstars.

Disney Storied Places. Eduardo Jauregui , Various and Rhona Cleary. It comes with nine color maps for easy reference, as well as proposed itineraries you can use as a base—or supplement—to your trip. Expect plenty of great restaurants and cafes—Melbourne is known for its foodie scene and love of coffee—as well tips on how to get around like a local. We love the insider tips for on-the-ground, locally derived insights that save travelers time and money.

Expect guides to galleries, beaches, theater, and more—plus advice on local drinking and dining. It comes with a pull-out map to take with you as you amble through the city, as well as walking tours to see the city on foot. Keep in mind that it was published in , so some restaurant information might be outdated, but overall, it still stands as an excellent pocket guide.

Taking the little ones along on your trip to Australia? The book is from a publishing house that deals with reference materials, so expect context for the images at an age-appropriate level; each photo or picture has a short blurb to help kids match the image with the context surrounding it.

This guide, published by Lonely Planet, covers it all—and then some. If you're familiar with travel memoirists, Bill Bryson needs no introduction.

  • DK Eyewitness Books: Planets.
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And per usual, In a Sunburned Country delivers the author's signature wit, wry humor, and self-deprecating observations — this time from Australia. His passions for observational humor, nature, and the wonder of travel shine through, and what more could you want from a book to get you excited for an adventure down under? Show your child the very first weapons ever made, the armor worn by medieval knights, the battledress of a Japanese samurai, and the guns used by the frontiersmen and outlaws of the Wild West.

They'll also discover the weapons that were carried by the first police officers, how sword and pistol duels were fought and much more! Eyewitness Aztec, Inca, and Maya is a spectacular and informative guide to the rise and fall of the pre-Columbian cultures of the Aztecs, Incas, and Mayas, who built vast empires and left behind a legacy of mystery and wonder. Amazing color photographs offer your child a unique "eyewitness" view of these incredible civilizations. Show your child how jewelry was made, and learn what kind of food the Aztecs ate, how the Incas built their homes, and how the Mayan calendar worked.

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They'll also discover the secrets of the Inca stonemasons, the rites of passage every warrior had to face, and ceremonies for human sacrifice. Discover the origins of life on earth-from the first bacteria, through the age of giant dinosaurs, to the coming of humans. Eyewitness Prehistoric Life is an exciting introduction to what life was like many millions of years ago. We know about the great diversity of early life through fossils found in many different countries; this book describes how these fossils fit together into a giant jigsaw puzzle.

Using reconstructions and authentic models, such fascinating creatures as the great dinosaurs, the ferocious sabertoothed tiger, and the giant woolly mammoth are brought vividly to life. Eyewitness Animal introduces readers to the exciting world of animals. This book takes a broad view of the animal kingdom, discussing animals from the tiniest insect to the mighty humpback whale, including mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, insects, and invertebrates. See the newest species discovered, and learn about endangered statuses, animal adaptations, and how humans are impacting animals around the world.

Eyewitness Oil is an up-to-date look at petroleum-why we need it, where we get it, and how we use it. By tracing its roots from 6, years ago in the Middle East through the dawn of the Oil Age in , and finally to present day, find out why oil truly is king. Stunning real-life photography of oil tankers, refineries, and spills-including the BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico-lets you be an eyewitness to the substance long referred to as "black gold.

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Discover the icy wastes of the polar regions and the remarkable plants and animals that survive in such hostile conditions. Eyewitness Arctic and Antarctic is an exciting and informative guide to the vast, icy wastes at the ends of the earth. Superb color photographs of snowy mountains and frozen seas, rare animals and plants, and the teeming life on and under the ice offer a unique "eyewitness" view of our planet's polar wilderness. See a seal with a "trunk," a bear in a burrow, icebergs bigger than skyscrapers, year-old snow goggles, and a pony's snowshoe.

Learn about the northern and southern lights, the crushing power of ice, why Amundsen beat Scott to the South Pole, how penguins keep warm, and what reindeer eat. Discover why layers of clothing retain body heat, which birds are known as "pirates of the air," which mammals live farthest north, how long a walrus feeds on its mother's milk, whether lemmings commit mass suicide or not, and much, much more!

From the incredible train that has no wheels to the world's great subway systems; let your child discover the amazing story of trains, from the days of steam to the high-speed marvels of today and the future. Take a look behind the walls of these fascinating fortresses and learn how they were built to house hundreds of people and animals, how a young boy rose from lowly page to noble knight, and what life was like for the castle residents. Igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks as well as hundreds of sparkling minerals are covered in detail on where and how they form; as well as explaining characteristics such as hardness, color, and luster.

Text and photographs examine the creation, importance, erosion, mining, and uses of rocks, minerals, and precious metals.

This book features clear, expertly written text, color and black-and-white photos, charts, graphics, and 3-D models -- all of which combine to make complex scientific concepts easy to understand. Watch the past come to life in Eyewitness: Ancient Greece, from their myths and gods, to the first Olympics, to the trial and execution of Socrates.

Explore the history, daily life, beliefs, and achievements of this amazing civilization, whose influence can still be seen today. See how Greek soldiers fought in battle, discover who the heroes were, and learn about the culture and festivals celebrated throughout this relevant era. After two centuries of research and experimentation, electricity has revolutionized the way we live and become an indispensable part of scientific progress.

Eyewitness: Electricity brings vividly to life our exploration of this powerful natural force. It is a vital part of the living world. Our eyes receive light rays and turn them into tiny electrical signals that pass along our nerves to the brain. The chemicals in batteries create power for such things as toys and flashlights. The invention of electric motors enabled the creation of a whole range of household appliances that have shaped the modern world. See how electricity works nerves and muscles and what causes lightning. Learn how electricity can transmit voices and images across an ocean and what makes a silicon chip work.

Discover the amazing speed of charged atoms, what happens when you tune in the radio, and much, much more!


Planets (Dk Eyewitness) -- Paperback / softback [Paperback]

Discover this and more in the guide that offers a front row seat to the amazing world of energy, from its various forms to how it impacts everyday life. Hundreds of spectacular full-color photographs of original equipment, intricate scientific instruments, 3-D models, and revealing experiments bring to life the ideas and discoveries that have changed our perception of the universe. See plants that bend toward light, the first batteries, the food chain, photosynthesis in plants, and how telephones convert the human voice into electronic signals.

Learn how energy is measured, how without energy there would be no life at all, why matches burn, why recycling makes the most of energy, how efficient light bulbs save electricity, and how geothermal energy creates hot water. Discover the link between friction and heat, how magnets work, how to make air liquid, how to heat coal to produce gas, why sugar gives you energy, and much, much more.

DK Eyewitness Books: Planets (Library Edition)

Eyewitness: Chicago offers readers a unique look at the history, geography, and interesting facts about the city of Chicago, from how Chicago got its name to explorations of Downtown and the North, South, and West sides to the industrial development to the Great Fire, to famous people and landmarks found only in Chicago. Fully illustrated with colorful maps, photographs, and illustrations, this book will appeal to readers ages 8 and up. From the chemicals Egyptians used to embalm their mummies, to the artefacts buried with bodies to take into the afterlife; let your child learn all about the varied and fascinating ways people have preserved the dead.

Here is an original and exciting look at the diverse world of money. Stunning real-life photography of Egyptian silver, Chinese hole money, Spanish gold, and siege money--as well as today's international currencies--offers a unique "eyewitness" view of money. See the salt money of Ethiopia, what the earliest coins looked like, forged coins and banknotes, and what one million dollars looks like.

Stars and Planets (DK Eyewitness Workbooks) Stars and Planets (DK Eyewitness Workbooks)
Stars and Planets (DK Eyewitness Workbooks) Stars and Planets (DK Eyewitness Workbooks)
Stars and Planets (DK Eyewitness Workbooks) Stars and Planets (DK Eyewitness Workbooks)
Stars and Planets (DK Eyewitness Workbooks) Stars and Planets (DK Eyewitness Workbooks)
Stars and Planets (DK Eyewitness Workbooks) Stars and Planets (DK Eyewitness Workbooks)

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