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Department of Commerce. It was founded in as the National Bureau of Standards. In its name was changed to NIST to include a general technology direction for its standards in addition to its original charter of measurement standards. NIST standards touch a wide range of technologies including the smart power grid, nanoscience, and semiconductors. NIST is a non-regulatory it does not make laws agency of the government. NIST recognizes that an effective standards infrastructure plays a significant role in innovation and market success. Its Standards Coordination Office oversees its standards work.

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It also works with industry and other government agencies on efforts and programs for global standardization and conformity assessment. The standards that come from NIST are interesting in that they go beyond documents. They are actual materials that can be used as a canonical reference for calibration, measurement, quality, and control of experiments. Examples of NIST standards at work in the semiconductor industry include SRM , used in the measurement of the composition of thin films, and SRMs through , which are used for measuring sheet resistance and resistivity.

These standards are chips and wafers, not just a written document like most technical standards. Ecma International is a private, non-profit organization based in Geneva. It enables the creation of standards for consumer electronics CE and information and communications technology ICT. In it changed its name to Ecma International, dropping the acronym and full capitalization, to signify the global nature of its activities.

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Members of Ecma come from industry, academia, and other non-profit organizations. There are more than 60 members, divided into categories that tier the membership fees for them. Ecma approaches standards from a business perspective. It believes this practice brings less bureaucracy and more efficiency to consensus-driven standards. Ecma prides itself in taking this direction and considers the standards produced this way to be faster and better. Its standards promote competition and differentiation, leading to a vigorous marketplace and increased consumer confidence.

Technical Committees perform technical work. Twice a year, the Technical Committees can submit their work to the General Assembly for approval. They include standards for programming languages, communications, product safety, environment, acoustics, and optical storage. There are over standards and technical reports from Ecma, and more than two-thirds of them have been recognized internationally.

It defines the form and interpretation of programs written in C. The RapidIO Interconnect Specification, officially called Standard ECMA, is an architecture for a high-performance, low-pin-count, packet-switched system-level interconnect used for chip-to-chip and board-to-board communications.

It was founded in as a merger of two previous European organizations and is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. It is a non-profit organization set up under Belgium law and is responsible for standardization in electrotechnical engineering.

Each member is a national standards organization representing a single country. They are consensus-driven and open to participation by interested parties. An attention-catching business claim by the company, Cenelec Standards Inspections Ltd. JEITA supports manufacturing, trade, and consumption internationally of products from these industries.

JEITA also produces its own standards. For example, the JEIDA memory card standard was popular when memory cards became a popular part of laptops.

Our certifications are markers of our expertise and capabilities. Our certifications show our ongoing commitment to developing products rendered in industry-leading quality. We seek ongoing education and certification so we can offer you the benefit of our growing body of knowledge and experience.

The ISO Certification

We attained the ISO certification, for example, not because we had to, but because we wanted to grow. Now it enables us to deliver more value to our customers in the medical industry.


And we continue to expand our abilities for every industry we serve. The interagency research, which has led to dental products such as tooth-colored composites, the front surface dental June 26, View All News and Updates. Featured Videos. The Practical Man - Jacob Rabinow. View all videos.

Electronic Component Standards

Publications January 01, Jeffrey M. Much of the information processing performed by a neuron occurs in the dendritic tree. For neural systems using light for communication, it is advantageous to September 02, Christopher L. Holloway , Matthew T. Simons , Joshua A. Gordon , David R. Recently, we introduced a Rydberg-atom based mixer capable of detecting and measuring of the phase of a radio-frequency field through the electromagnetically

Quality and Standards in Electronics Quality and Standards in Electronics
Quality and Standards in Electronics Quality and Standards in Electronics
Quality and Standards in Electronics Quality and Standards in Electronics
Quality and Standards in Electronics Quality and Standards in Electronics
Quality and Standards in Electronics Quality and Standards in Electronics
Quality and Standards in Electronics Quality and Standards in Electronics
Quality and Standards in Electronics Quality and Standards in Electronics
Quality and Standards in Electronics Quality and Standards in Electronics

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