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Indicator: Lower secondary completion rate. Despite improvement since , significant gender disparities remain.

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In the case of lower secondary completion, while the most extreme injustices are still at the expense of females, the disparities can also move in the opposite direction. In Afghanistan , only 33 females complete lower secondary school for every males. By contrast, in Honduras , only 68 males complete lower secondary school for every females. Indicator: Learning achievement in reading primary.

The SDG target on equity refers to all vulnerable groups, not just those characterized by gender, location, wealth and their interactions. Learning assessments record whether students speak the language of the test at home and it is possible to infer whether they are at a disadvantage. Indicator: Youth literacy rate.

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Youth literacy rates are higher than ever as a result of progress in primary education. However, progress is still nowhere near fast enough for the most disadvantaged populations. World Inequality Database on Education The World Inequality Database on Education WIDE highlights the powerful influence of circumstances, such as wealth, gender, ethnicity and location, over which people have little control but which play an important role in shaping their opportunities for education and life. Explore disparities in education across and within countries.

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According to the Pisa exam results, Ontario scored fifth in the world in reading. Children of immigrants perform compatibly with their peers with Canadian-born parents in educational achievement.


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In teacher training was revamped — lengthening training and reducing the number of slots available in order to improve quality. Decision-making is local but there is a national focus on personalized learning, flexibility and high standards. The island nation, population just 5. Education is highly centralized and becoming a teacher is extremely competitive. Candidates are recruited from the top third of secondary school graduates, and less than a fifth of applicants are admitted.

Getting into a teacher training course in Finland is tough. The Finns are committed to keeping their edge in education.

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Low-income working college students face steeper challenges than higher-income students. Colorado, one of nine states with more than one million Latinos, has the largest gap between White and Latino college attainment. Certificate recipients in Oregon ages 29 or younger reap sizable earnings gains, in some cases more than doubling their pay, as they build their skills and enter the workforce, according to a new analysis of community college programs in the state.

College is less about what college you go to and what degree you get but more about the returns of individual college programs.

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Despite great educational gains, women still need to earn one more degree than men to earn the same. The state-level analysis report shows that between and most states gained good jobs that pay without a BA and nearly half of all states added good jobs in blue-collar industries. The rise of skilled-service industries, such as financial services and health services, has also added good jobs.

Strengthening the connection between school and work is crucial to preparing workers for the demands of good jobs in the new economy.

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Lagging college degree attainment has led Latinos to become stuck in the middle-wage tiers of the labor market. With the right support, however, Latinos are poised for a surge in educational and economic success.

There are currently 30 million good jobs in the U. This report shows that good jobs continue to grow, but they are changing from traditional blue-collar industries to skilled-services industries. A gain of 4 million good jobs in skilled-services industries, such as financial services and health services, has more than offset the 2.

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