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9 Things You May Not Know About the Battle of Agincourt

But in March , the Alabama Supreme Court upheld the convictions of seven of the defendants; it granted Williams a new trial, as he was a minor at the time of his conviction. In November , the U. Supreme Court ruled in Powell v. Alabama that the Scottsboro defendants had been denied the right to counsel, which violated their right to due process under the 14th Amendment. The Supreme Court overturned the Alabama verdicts, setting an important legal precedent for enforcing the right of African Americans to adequate counsel, and remanded the cases to the lower courts.

The second round of trials began in the circuit court in Decatur, Alabama, 50 miles west of Scottsboro, under Judge James Horton.

BLACKPINK - 'Kill This Love' M/V

But even with her testimony and evidence from the initial medical examination of the women that refuted the rape charge, another all-white jury convicted the first defendant, Patterson, and recommended the death penalty. Having reviewed the evidence and met privately with one of the medical examiners, Judge Horton suspended the death sentence and granted Patterson a new trial.

The judge would be rewarded for this brave action by losing his bid for reelection the following year. Prosecutors got the cases in front of a more sympathetic judge, and both Patterson and Norris were retried, convicted and sentenced to death in late Supreme Court. In January , the Supreme Court again overturned the guilty verdicts, ruling in Norris v. This second landmark decision in the Scottsboro Boys case would help integrate future juries across the nation. Early in , Patterson was convicted for a fourth time, but sentenced to 75 years in prison.

The day after the verdict, Ozie Powell was shot in the head after attacking a deputy sheriff with a knife; both men survived. Through negotiations with the defense, prosecutors agreed to drop rape charges against Powell, but he was convicted of assaulting the deputy sheriff and sentenced to 20 years.

They also dropped rape charges against the four remaining defendants—Montgomery, Roberson, Williams and Leroy Wright—and all four were released. Convicted of manslaughter after a barroom brawl in , Patterson died of cancer in Clarence Norris, who received a pardon from Governor George Wallace of Alabama in , would outlive all of the other Scottsboro Boys, dying in at the age of In , the Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles voted unanimously to issue posthumous pardons to Patterson, Weems and Andy Wright, bringing a long-overdue end to one of the most notorious cases of racial injustice in U.

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Subscribe for fascinating stories connecting the past to the present. The details of their skirmish with a group of white men and two women on the train are still unclear. But by the end of the train ride, nine young men—all African-American, The Rosewood Massacre was an attack on the predominantly African-American town of Rosewood, Florida, in by large groups of whites.

The town was entirely destroyed by the end of the violence, and the residents were driven out permanently.

SC man Timothy Ray Jones Jr accused of killing his 5 children on trial

The story was mostly forgotten until The Great Migration was the relocation of more than 6 million African Americans from the rural South to the cities of the North, Midwest and West from about to Driven from their homes by unsatisfactory economic opportunities and harsh segregationist laws, many blacks During the Tulsa Race Massacre also known as the Tulsa Race Riot , which occurred over 18 hours on May June 1, , a white mob attacked residents, homes and businesses in the predominantly black Greenwood neighborhood of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The event remains one of the worst He also carried a Louis Vuitton briefcase. While he looked pretty down in the dumps when he got back to Miami, AB was trying to put on a brave paid face before leaving the airport in New England As we reported Antonio was released by the Patriots Friday after a whirlwind of bad news for him, including a lawsuit alleging rape and sexual assault Despite one good outing , it looks like the Pats had seen enough AB's an unrestricted free agent now, and the NFL is still investigating the claims against him, not having come to a conclusion yet.

As for Antonio Don't tell him that though. Kanye West wants his presence in Wyoming to be known far and wide -- it looks like he's hosting a mega Sunday Service this week, inviting all the townsfolk and their mom. Per local reports, the sign now reads "West Lake. Now, it looks like Kanye wants to properly introduce the Wests to the community, 'cause his Sunday Service is being heavily advertised on a massive digital billboard, as well as on social media.

According to the venue's Facebook post about it, he's bringing out his "person choral group" for the performance -- so yeah, Kanye and co.

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Preparations are currently underway for the free and public event, and it looks like they're expecting quite a turnout. Photos obtained by TMZ show a bunch of tents being set up Saturday ahead of Ye's Sunday Service, with catering and special event trucks in tow. The Powwow Garden has a capacity of about people -- seated or standing according to the Center's website -- but it's unclear how many people will actually show up. FYI, there are less than 10, people total living in Cody itself. It's an interesting move on Kanye's part, as many of his Sunday Services of late have been relatively low-key -- not including the Chicago stop , of course.

This appears to be the exact opposite of that -- pretty much a come one, come all approach. Considering Wyoming is basically his 2nd home base now, maybe he's looking at it like a housewarming party No one makes a splash like Ye. He was merely treated at the hospital. We're told police on the scene determined the issue was more medical than anything else, and the unruly passenger was taken to a hospital.

It's unclear what his medical status is now, or whether the guy was ultimately arrested or not. The good news, though, is that there were no reported injuries to passengers, flight staff or police personnel. Looks like his crappy punch didn't land.

Kill K.I.D.: v. 1

Law enforcement met the flight, and the aircraft re-departed. An American Airlines jet made an unscheduled landing Friday after a passenger lit up a joint and got super aggro. We're told the plane was going from Phoenix to Minneapolis, but an hour into the flight the pilot went on the intercom and said they had to make an emergency landing in Denver because of "a security issue in the back. The passengers were a little freaked out, trying to figure out what was going on. The buzz in the cabin was that someone in the back said he was telling everyone around him, he was on cocaine.

That's when the guy with dreads in the video ran to the back of the plane into the bathroom and locked the door. Passengers tell us the flight attendants were super concerned and huddled around the bathroom door, trying to coax the guy out, to no avail. We're told the guy was in the bathroom for 10 minutes and then, 5 minutes before the plane landed, he left the bathroom and went back to his seat. He was very jittery and, when the plane landed, cops and EMTs went onboard.

That's where the video starts The pilot then came on the intercom and asked passengers in the first 13 rows to get off the plane, so they could remove the man. As they deplane, the guy punches one of the passengers.

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  7. Cops and EMTs removed the guy, handcuffed him and put him on a gurney. You hear him scream the cuffs were hurting him as he demanded to be freed, screaming, "Take it off, it hurts. DaBaby seems to have handled his own business for once instead of resorting to goons -- 'cause he appears to have thrown a punch at a handsy fan. The North Carolina rapper -- who's been blowing up these past few months -- was performing Friday night as a headliner at the Prime Festival in Lansing, MI DB probably had good reason to swat at him though In video of the altercation, obtained by TMZ, DaBaby is below the stage level and face-to-face with the crowd, where only a barricade separates them.

    We're told DB was doing his thing, when someone close by reached up and made contact with his jewelry. Well, DaBaby noticed and paused to throw a punch -- although, it's unclear if it landed properly or even made contact with the guy. After that, eyewitnesses tell us DaBaby hopped back onstage and finished out his minute set We're told nobody called cops and no one appeared to be injured -- so no harm, no foul really.

    That's good, considering DB has a bit of a track record being around beatdowns, allegedly at the hands of his entourage with him looking on. While he did take credit for a beating at a mall once, after a dude relentlessly heckled him, it was not clear at the time if he'd handled the fella himself or not.

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    Fast-forward to early August, when another fan got a thrashing Now, it appears DaBaby took a swing on his own -- in clear view, without any convenient edits. Whether it's him or the homies, it's clear Take note, y'all. Kevin Hart and the 2 people in his car that crashed Sept. Sources with direct knowledge tell us, the driver, who sustained serious back and chest injuries has an attorney, as does the passenger in the backseat, who sustained only minor injuries.

    Kevin has a lawyer as well. We're told Kevin is in the crosshairs of the other 2 people in the Plymouth Barracuda because the car did not have safety harnesses or airbags.

    The argument is Kevin should have worried less about keeping the car authentic and more about safety -- and not doing so constitutes negligence. The driver could also be on the hook for Kevin and the backseat passenger, but it's a little premature since the CHP is still investigating the cause of the crash. The big issue The argument goes like this We contacted 10 custom car companies around the country and asked if Kevin's crash has opened their eyes and changed their minds about customizing classic cars without installing safety harnesses.

    Only 2 said they would not. It's interesting because it opens these companies up to a lawsuit, especially if there are passengers in the car who get injured. Our law enforcement sources tell us Jeremy Meeks has moved on from Chloe Green Jeremy showed up at Catch Friday night in WeHo, and opened the car door on the passenger side like a curtain at a Broadway play, revealing what appears to be his new chick.

    It's a little weird They were engaged, but it seems like that's history. As for Chloe Exhibit A -- pics of her on a yacht last month Tekashi69 is singing like a bird and lots of powerful people are pissed, and Aaron Carter and his family are unraveling before our eyes. So, we gotta ask This whole Area 51 thing kinda fizzled, but at least unseen aliens could enjoy a small, freaky dance party. Thing is Event organizers bailed on that idea and brought a free music festival to Vegas.

    Live updates

    The dance party was a separate , 2-day event held at the Alien Research Center The original plan was for millions of people to storm Area 51 to "see them aliens. The event planners, Matty Roberts and Frank DiMaggio , got folks hyped with a Facebook page invite to go searching for aliens, but changed course when law enforcement and the military got involved. There's a ton of money in Esports Ninja doesn't think the sport's done growing Eventually, that's what they're gonna want and that's what the TV people are gonna want to show and represent. As for how soon it can happen, we ask if it can happen in time for the Games in L.

    The greatest Fortnite player alive also weighs in on what countries would dominate in video games at the Olympics Porn star Bridget Powers ' short temper was on full display during the violent clash with her BF that got her arrested In this footage from outside Bridget's Las Vegas apartment, you see the little person adult actress screaming at her boyfriend.

    Her rage eventually boils over and she hurls a large object through the apartment's front window. We broke the story Toward the end of the clip, cops show up on Bridget's doorstep, and you see her walking away from her residence with an officer. She was eventually placed in handcuffs and taken to jail.

    Kill K.I.D.: v. 1 Kill K.I.D.: v. 1
    Kill K.I.D.: v. 1 Kill K.I.D.: v. 1
    Kill K.I.D.: v. 1 Kill K.I.D.: v. 1
    Kill K.I.D.: v. 1 Kill K.I.D.: v. 1
    Kill K.I.D.: v. 1 Kill K.I.D.: v. 1
    Kill K.I.D.: v. 1 Kill K.I.D.: v. 1

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