Developing Students Multiple Intelligences (Grades K-8)

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What Are Multiple Intelligences and How Do They Affect Learning?

This cooperative game designed, created and developed by Christopher Eaves builds collective and cooperative spirit and is well suited for elementary, intermediate and high school students. A cooperative game. How many persons may participate? Everyone in the group will be offered an opportunity to participate. When a group is larger than 30 we may stage multiple games simultaneously.

Can the level of difficulty be adjusted? Yes, there are varying levels of difficulty that are implemented as needed. Performing Sequence provides an engaging kinesthetic pathway for students to literally move their way through math. It challenges and builds students' working knowledge of sequencing, tallying, geometry and fractions.

It's also an engaging professional development and has been played by grade K—8 educators, as part of professional development seminars, for more than 15 years. Performing Sequence requires an open space of approximately 18 feet by 18 feet. NJ on November 16, He is honored to have worked with ASAH educators since Learn more about ASAH at www.

Developing students' multiple intelligences

Thanks for visiting! It has been embraced by a range of educational theorists and, significantly, applied by teachers and policymakers to the problems of schooling. Many schools in North America have sought to structure curricula according to the intelligences and to design classrooms—even whole schools—to reflect the understandings that Howard Gardner develops.

All intelligences are needed to live life well.

Teachers, therefore, need to attend to all intelligences, not just the first two of verbal-linguistic or mathematical-logical intelligences, which have historically taken precedence. One of the most significant results of the theory of multiple intelligences is how it has provided eight different potential pathways to learning.

If a teacher is having difficulty reaching a student in the more traditional linguistic or logical ways of instruction, the theory of multiple intelligences suggests several other ways in which the material might be presented to facilitate effective learning:. You don't have to teach or learn something in all eight ways. However, simply knowing the possibilities available can enable you to decide which particular pathways interest you the most or seem to be the most effective teaching or learning tools.

The theory of multiple intelligences is so intriguing because it expands our horizon of available teaching and learning tools beyond the conventional linguistic and logical methods used in most schools e.

Having an understanding of different teaching approaches from which we all can learn, as well as a toolbox with a variety of ways to present content to students, is valuable for increasing the accessibility of learning experiences for all students. We want to continue to develop this toolbox, so it is especially important to gather ongoing information about student strengths and challenges, as well as their developing interests and dislikes. Providing different learning contexts for students and engaging a variety of their senses is supported by current research. Studies done by Hamari et al suggest that engaging in learning games has a positive effect on learning: ".

As our insatiable curiosity about the learning process persists and studies continue to evolve, additional scientific research may emerge that further elaborates on multiple intelligences and learning styles. When educators are given the freedom to move away from the traditional, visually-based methods of teaching, they will have the opportunity to reach more students, more effectively.

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Developing Students' Multiple Intelligences by Kristen Nicholson-Nelson

By teaching to the dominant learning intelligences, teachers will find students to be more productive, more receptive and more willing to engage in the learning process. As so many educators have already embraced this theory, it is time for educational administrators to take notice of new techniques that can be successful based on the research of Howard Gardner and the other researchers who have followed.

Understanding and adapting your teaching style to your students can help everyone succeed. Our Master of Arts in Education degree program incorporates courses where you can identify and build upon such multiple intelligences. Check out how you can grow in relating to your students by checking out our M. Request Information. In her work, she equips students with financial aid and payment options as they pursue their educational journey. Eve earned her bachelor's degrees in psychology and family studies from Cornerstone.

She also earned a master's in social work and a master's in public administration from Grand Valley State University. While there's no secret formula to being successful in business, there are some basic tenants that can set you up for a very bright future. Language matters. Are you ready to take your next step in empowering others?

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All Programs Faculty Directory. By Eve Herndon on February 6, What are multiple intelligences and how do they affect learning? The 9 Multiple Intelligences Gardner claims that all human beings have multiple intelligences. What sate the car and role terms for each R?


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Developing Students Multiple Intelligences (Grades K-8) Developing Students Multiple Intelligences (Grades K-8)
Developing Students Multiple Intelligences (Grades K-8) Developing Students Multiple Intelligences (Grades K-8)
Developing Students Multiple Intelligences (Grades K-8) Developing Students Multiple Intelligences (Grades K-8)
Developing Students Multiple Intelligences (Grades K-8) Developing Students Multiple Intelligences (Grades K-8)
Developing Students Multiple Intelligences (Grades K-8) Developing Students Multiple Intelligences (Grades K-8)
Developing Students Multiple Intelligences (Grades K-8) Developing Students Multiple Intelligences (Grades K-8)
Developing Students Multiple Intelligences (Grades K-8) Developing Students Multiple Intelligences (Grades K-8)
Developing Students Multiple Intelligences (Grades K-8) Developing Students Multiple Intelligences (Grades K-8)

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