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11 Amazing Reasons To Work Out That Have Nothing To Do With Weight Loss

Completing a tough workout, especially the ones you do when you'd much rather stay in bed, can give you a serious confidence boost. Sticking to your plan and hitting the gym even when you're not feeling it can make you feel like you can take on the world. I mean, you could wear your favorite kicks or workout pants just to run errands, but where's the fun in that? When you've actually, y'know, exercised in them, you can work them with a sense of accomplishment. If you struggle with a touch of fatigue, exercise might be just what the doctor ordered. According to a study from the University of Georgia, the blood flow benefits from exercise help carry oxygen and nutrients to muscles, which helps them produce more energy.

They found that even low-to-moderate intensity exercise for just 20 minutes a day, three days a week for six weeks can help with that can't-keep-my-eyes-open feeling. Sweating it out in the gym is a known de-stressor. Harvard Medical School has shown that aerobic exercise helps curb stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline as long as you're not overdoing it , while also flooding your system with feel-good endorphins.

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  • Get Fit at Home with the exercise Cycle.

It also ups the calming, good-mood brain chemicals serotonin and dopamine. So while exercise itself is actually putting low-level physical stress on the body, it can be pretty mentally relaxing. When stress isn't just stress, exercise can work wonders, too. There's a host of research proving that people with anxiety and depression can find major help in working out. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America , regular exercise has been found to help with various anxiety disorders, including panic disorder and OCD.

See a Problem?

Celebrities, including Lena Dunham , have talked about about how a regular exercise program has helped with her anxiety. According to the American Council on Exercise , keeping up a steady fitness regimen can protect you from getting sick by keeping your immune system in tip-top shape. Inconvenience yourself. Instead of always doing things the easy or fast way standing on escalators, using valet parking , rethink the services that curb your activity level.

Even tiny changes can make a difference.

Actors Give Advice on Diet & Exercise

Reinvent date night. If your usual evening out consists of dinner and a movie read: sedentary , consider bonding in a more active way, like dinner and dancing or taking in a museum exhibition. Or make a date with Michael Scott. When the phone rings, take the call standing up to burn 10 percent more calories than you would chatting in a chair. Brave the outdoors. Put it in ink. Every Sunday night, schedule them into your weekly planner or your PDA. To make sure your family members are on board, place the calendar in a common area so they can see it. That way, workout times become public declarations and nonnegotiable parts of your routine.

Be a coach.

Find a youth league in your area and put your old athletic skills to good use. Running laps or teaching techniques will get your heart rate going. To find a team, check with your school district or the Positive Coaching Alliance positivecoach. Enlist Fido. This is how new josekis are born. This book contains 16 fighting games, analyzed in depth and played by some of the world's strongest players from Korea, China, and Japan. For the most part, there are less than ten moves for each figure, making the games easy to follow. However, this book is more than just a game book; it is also a problem book.


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Throughout each game at crucial points, questions are posed asking the reader what he thinks the next move should be. With this format, the reader becomes fully engaged in the game and the commentary. This is a book that will change the way you play and think about go.

Each problem demonstrates a basic principle of opening play. The constant repetition of these principles will develop the reader's intuition to instantly spot the appropriate move in the opening of their games. The problems in this book focus on technique and reading, not on standard corner positions. Good shape is a subject that has received scant attention in Japanese go literature. Tesujis are skillful moves that accomplish some clear tactical objective, such as capturing stones or a group, rescuing one of your own groups linking up your stones, separating your opponent's stones, making good shape, etc.

Aji, kikashi forcing moves , and sabaki are the most important concepts of go. Ko is the most intriguing aspect of go. Knowing the basic principles of go is the key to being able to find the best move in the opening and the middle game. Kiai is a concept that has received scant systematic attention in the go literature, even though it is often referred to in game commentaries.

Go is played on a very large board, consisting of playing points.


An exhaustive brute-force search for finding the best move is clearly impractical. Clearly, a go player needs some principles to guide him. The expert go player definitely needs some principles to guide him in finding the best move.

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Even in positions where brute-force analysis is required in determining whether a group lives or dies or trying to increase your liberties in a capturing race, certain principles can provide valuable hints for finding the key moves. The purpose of this book is to bring together all the strategic and tactical principles of go. The principles presented here can certainly be found scattered in the thousands of go books that have been published, but nowhere are they found collected in one place. All the go proverbs that have some concrete relevance to strategy or to tactics are included. With all these principles contained under one cover, a go player can embark on a systematic study of them.

Once all principles have been firmly implanted in your mind, you will instinctively and intuitively recall the relevant principle when they arise in your games through pattern recognition. If you are a kyu-level player, knowledge of these principles will improve your game by at least two stones.

Five Opening Principles Principle 1. Principle 2. Don't make too many moves in one part of the board. Establish outposts throughout the board. Principle 3. Play where the fewest stones have been played. Principle 4. Establish a position inside your opponent's sphere of influence. Principle 5. Don't let your opponent make two corner enclosures. Chapter Two. Extensions Principle 6A. From a single stone, extend two spaces.

Principle 6B. Extend three spaces from a two-stone wall.

1001 Ways to Get in Shape 1001 Ways to Get in Shape
1001 Ways to Get in Shape 1001 Ways to Get in Shape
1001 Ways to Get in Shape 1001 Ways to Get in Shape
1001 Ways to Get in Shape 1001 Ways to Get in Shape
1001 Ways to Get in Shape 1001 Ways to Get in Shape
1001 Ways to Get in Shape 1001 Ways to Get in Shape
1001 Ways to Get in Shape 1001 Ways to Get in Shape
1001 Ways to Get in Shape 1001 Ways to Get in Shape

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